Week Thirty Eight

Welcome to Generation Distinct Weekly challenge #38,

The Scripture Study Challenge.

This week, read a portion of the Bible and then reflect on what you just read by using the SOAP Method.  


S stands for Scripture- This is the portion of the scripture that stood out to you that day.

O stands for Observation- This is your main take away, or why the above scripture stood out to you.

A stands for Application - This is how the scripture will apply to your life this week. 

P stands for Prayer - This is where you write a prayer.  


Let’s be intentional this week to actually embrace and reflect on the word of God.

God tells us in the Bible that His word is living and active. This week, let’s experience the beauty and life that lies in scripture!  


This week, share a picture of your SOAP on social media to encourage your community to get involved. 

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post and include a link to the Generation Distinct website

so your community can learn more about what you are up to! 

Alex Heidner