Week Thirty Five

Announcing Generation Distinct Weekly Challenge #35,

The Morning Time Challenge!

Each morning of this week, take 10 to 15 minutes to spend time with Jesus. But don't make this commitment by yourself.

We also encourage everyone of you to invite one person to be your accountability partner for this challenge. Each morning, once you complete your time with Jesus, text or call your accountability partner to let them know you completed it! 


Your time with Jesus could include scripture reading, prayer, solitude, listening to worship music, or anything that connects you with the heart of God.

Our time pursuing Jesus is the most important time in our day.  This week, let's prioritize it as the first part of our day and let's invite someone along with us to encourage us in this commitment.  

This week, share this video on social media to encourage your community to get involved.  Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post and include a link to the Generation Distinct website so your community can learn more about what you are up to! 

Alex Heidner