Week Thirty Two

Join the Generation Distinct community as we complete the

Sell Something Challenge.

Here is how it will work:

This week, take something you own and sell it.  You could sell it in a garage sale, or on the internet. 

Or, you could sell a service such as washing cars, cleaning houses, or shoveling driveways. 


Take the money you earn, and give it all away. You could donate it to a charity, or you could purchase food for the homeless man in your community, or you could buy ingredients to make a meal for a single mom in your church.  


This week, it’s not just about giving away money.  We want our community to experience what it would be like to earn money, only to give it all away on behalf of someone else.  The amount may be small or large, but the impact will be huge both in the lives of the people you give it to and in your own life as well.  

Our Generation is not often thought of as giving, generous or selfless. But we can begin to change that this week when we take small steps of generosity in order to make a big impact. 


Share this video on social media to encourage your community to get involved. 

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post and include a link to the Generation Distinct website so your community can learn more about what you are up to! 

Alex Heidner