Week Thirty Three

Join a group of tenacious world changers as we complete the

Community Challenge.

God created us to live in community and we thrive in community, not isolation.

This week, we will intentionally pursue community.  

You could join a small group at your church, invite a friend to go out to coffee, gather some neighbors for dinner, pursue a mentor, spend the day with your family, or plan a fun adventure for you and your friends. 

So often, our generation hides or we look for community in the wrong places. This week, we will be intentional to pursue community with people who will call out the best parts of who we are. 

Who knows? The step you take this week could lead to life long relationships, amazing memories, and brand new joy in your life. 

This week, post a picture of the step you take to pursue community.  Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge and include a link to the Generation Distinct website so your community can learn more about what you are up to! 

Alex Heidner