Week Seventeen

This week, we encourage you to participate in the
Underground Church Challenge. 

At some point over the next seven days, visit the website www.VoiceOfTheMartyrs.com
This website is dedicated to informing people about the reality that thousands of Christians today who don’t have religious freedom. They are persecuted for their faith, and yet they continue to stand strong and tell others about Christ.  

Click HERE
  On this page, you will see the option to write a letter to a variety of different people who are all in prison in different parts of the world  because they believe in Jesus Christ. 

Format a letter, click send and YOU will be a part of encouraging another Christian in another part of the world. 

Young people have huge potential to make an impact and use our time to encourage others and celebrate the people in our world who have truly sacrificed everything to follow Jesus. 
Let us be encouraged by their bravery and inspired by their radical commitment to Christ.

Find a time this week to tell someone about the letter you wrote and the story of the Christian you wrote it to. Let’s show the world we are interested in more than ourselves.

Be sure to share this video on social media to spread this challenge to your community! 
Include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge and include a link to this website so your friends and family can also get involved. 

Make sure you join us for this challenge as we touch lives around the globe! 

Alex HeidnerComment