Week Seven

Generation Distinct Weekly Challenge #7 is the On Your Knees Challenge. 

Every morning over the next 7 days, we are going to start the day on our knees.
When you get out of bed in the morning, the first thing to hit the ground will not be your feet.  It will be your knees.
As you are in that humble position, take 60 seconds to talk to God. Surrender your day to Him and really ask Him to use your one and only life  to honor Him and impact the people around you. 
Take the time each morning this week to connect with your Creator and remind yourself of why we were placed on this earth. 

This week, share this video on social media and use the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge
to spread this challenge with YOUR community.
Make sure to include a link to our website so your friends and family can see more information on this challenge. 

God invites us to know Him, and that is an incredible privilege. 
Join us on this 7 day challenge to grow closer to Christ and start each day off right!


Alex Heidner