Week Nineteen

Introducing the Audacious Goal Challenge. 

This week, take at least 10 minutes to research a problem you think is unjust.  Jot down some notes on the size and scope of the problem as well as anything you discover about how to help.
Next, formulate the biggest, most audacious scheme you can think of to help be part of the solution to this problem. Putting it on paper does not mean you are signing your life away. It is just a dream. 

Next, share with a friend, family member, or mentor the problem and the audacious solution.
Together, brainstorm what your "next step" could be. The goal is for you to have one concrete action, no matter how small, that you can take towards this dream. 

 Don’t wait one more day. Take action on your audacious, God-given dream today.  

This week, post on social media about the injustice you are researching and taking action on.
Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge and also include a link to the
Generation Distinct website so others can get involved! 

Join our community as we take steps each day to change the world and redefine our generation. 

Alex Heidner