Week Fourteen

This week, the community of Generation Distinct will be doing the
Post A Story Challenge. 

The Post A Story Challenge is all about sharing the stories of  the unseen and unknown heroes we run into every single day. 

Here’s how to participate:
This week, tell the story of one person on social media.  There are people we meet or spend time with every day who are being used by God in extraordinary ways, are serving others with beautiful humility, or are fighting to make a difference with their life.  
This week, take a minute to post a picture of one of those people in your life and share their story.  

Make sure you use the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your posts and include a link to our website so your friends can get involved in this movement as well.  

What if we, as young people, began to look outside of ourselves and became cheerleaders for the unseen and unappreciated heroes all around us? 

We could redefine our generation. 
So let's get started! 

Join our community and complete this challenge TODAY! 

Alex HeidnerComment