Week Fifteen

This week, we  challenge to complete the 
Skip The Starbucks Challenge. 

Sometime this week, we will all make a choice to skip purchasing a starbucks coffee, or any coffee or drink from your favorite cafe.  Instead, we will take those $5 and and use it for something that actually matters.

This week, donate $5 to Charity Water, an awesome nonprofit motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 

Post a picture on social media this week of an empty cup and use the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge to tell the world why you are not spending your money on yourself this week and what you are giving it to instead. Include a link to the Generation Distinct website as well so others can get involved in future challenges. 

Let's stand up and show the world we want to make a difference and we are willing to make sacrifices, both small and large, to make an impact in the world and bring glory to our God .

Make sure to join us on the challenge this week to Skip the Starbucks and donate $5 to the incredible work Charity Water is doing. 

Click on the link HERE to donate YOUR $5. 

Alex HeidnerComment