What Is The Weekly Challenge?

We are so proud to announce the launch of the Generation Distinct Weekly Challenge! 

Over the next year, we will release 1 challenge every week. Each challenge will provide practical steps to join the adventure of fighting for justice, pursuing Christ with greater energy, being a voice for change in this world, and writing an epic story with your life. You will also have the opportunity to meet some amazing world changers through these videos as they are their passion for the movement of Generation Distinct. 

Every Monday, Generation Distinct will release a video to the members of the Generation Distinct community through our email updates and text updates. We will also post these videos on our social media platforms and on our website with additional details and written out instructions for each challenge. 
If you want to join this community of world changers, submit your email below or text @GDistinct to 81010 and be the first to receive each new challenge. 
Alex Heidner