Week One

The very first Generation Distinct Weekly Challenge is the, "Start A Movement Challenge."

Through this challenge, we are going to prepare the world through social media for what they are going to see in our stories over the next 52 weeks. 

Here is how it will work:
This week, we want you to post a picture of the following image on all of your social media platforms.  

In the description of your post, you are going to finish this sentence: “I believe God can use the next Generation to change the world because...”

Make sure you also include the new hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post as well as a link to our website so your friends have an easy on-ramp to get involved. 

We are also going to kick off this year of challenges with a little incentive. 
One person who posts the image on social media and also includes the hashtag (#GenDWeeklyChallenge) will be randomly selected to receive a Generation Distinct coffee mug. So be sure to participate in this challenge! 

This is the first week of a brand new year.
Commit today to take a journey with us and change the world one week at a time through the Generation Distinct Weekly Challenges. We believe it will be an experience you will not regret. 

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Now, let's get started!

Alex Heidner