Week Forty Nine

This week, young people from around the world will unite as we tackle

The On The Way Challenge. 

When Jesus walked on this earth He did not live His life appointment to appointment. 

Ministry, like Jesus did ministry, was ALWAYS meant to be a 

lifestyle. He invited ordinary people into His life and changed their stories forever. 

Here is how it will work:

This week, speak into someone’s life by inviting them into your story. You could take

someone out for a cup of coffee, or invite them to join you on your morning run or invite

them to join you for an adventure, or a bonfire, or a quiet afternoon at your house. 

Sometimes, the most impactful moments in our lives are the moments of simple, life on

life mentorship. This week, we challenge you to give that gift to someone God has

placed in your life. 

Share this video on social media to inspire your community to get involved and tag

someone who has mentored YOU and influenced you story in significant ways to thank

them for how their voice has impacted you. 

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post to join the

conversation and a link to our website so others can join the challenge

Alex Heidner