Week Fifty Two

Welcome to the final challenge of 2016,

The Champion Challenge. 


There are three truths that inform the Generation Distinct movement:

1) We believe young people have a huge amount of potential to change the world through the power of Christ.

2) We believe God has given every single one of us a wrong we were born to make right. 

3) We believe we are called to help our world rediscover who Jesus truly is with the distinct lives we live to make God’s name great. 


If you are an individual who believes these three truths, then we want YOU to make a commitment to this movement by becoming a Generation Distinct Champion.  

A Generation Distinct Champion is not a role that means you have to DO a lot of stuff. 

Becoming a Generation Distinct Champion is more of a manifesto you sign to declare you believe in the three truths of this movement.  


If that is YOU- then YOU should become a Generation Distinct Champion. 

To become a Generation Distinct Champion today, click on the button below!

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Alex Heidner