Week Forty Six

This week, we invite you to join us for the

First Five Challenge. 


This week, we will spend the first five minutes of our days to focus on Jesus. 

Let’s start our day off right and use our first five minutes to align ourselves with our purpose and our identity in Jesus Christ.  

Whether you read your Bible, journal, pray, sit in solitude, or meditate on a verse, make those first five minutes of your day really matter.  


So often, we can go through our entire day totally forgetting our reliance on and need for Christ. 

But what if our generation began to make a radical commitment to our relationship with Christ?

Following Jesus is not just a religion. It’s a relationship to invest in.

Let’s commit to invest in that relationship this week. 


Share this video on social media to spread this message to your friends and community.  You may just inspire someone to invest in their own relationship with Christ. 

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post and a link to our website so others can join the challenge. 


Don’t wait one more week.

Invest in the most important relationship in your life.  

Alex Heidner