Week Forty One


Join us for the Sleep Outside Challenge. 

It is estimated there are over 500,000 individuals who are homeless in the United States alone. Homelessness is a daily reality for so many people right in our own backyard.

How often do we drive right by them, or walk pass them without even realizing that they are real people with real stories?


For this challenge, our community will unite to have an experience that will altar our view forever. 


Choose one night over the next seven days to sleep outside.

You can sleep in a tent, under the stars, or in a hammock. Whatever you choose, make an experience that will stretch you in some way. 

As you have this experience, take some time to think about the reality of thousands and thousands of individuals who sleep outside every night out

without a warm house or bed. 


Who knows? Having this experience may just transform the way you care for the homeless individuals in your community. 



Take a picture of your spot outside and share it on your social media. 

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post to join the conversation and a link to our website so others can join the challenge. 


Alex Heidner