Week Forty Three


Weekly Challenge #43

Mark The Moment Challenge.

This life can be so beautiful, but so often we rush through our days and we miss so manyof the beautiful parts of our world and our story.

This week, we challenge you to mark a moment to see the magic and beauty in the everyday, ordinary life.  


Take a picture of something in your life that you would typically rush past and miss. It could be the sunrise you see on the way to work. 

Or it could be a picture of the friend you grab a cup of coffee with. Or it could be your kids, or your favorite food, or the nature you pass by on your morning run.  


Share that picture on social media to inspire your community to mark moments in their own life and see God’s beauty in ordinary life.

Be sure to include the hashtag #GenDWeeklyChallenge in your post and a link to our website so others

have an easy on ramp to get invovled. 


Don’t wait one more day to start seeing the beauty of life.

Start marking moments and seeing the wonder in our world every day.  


Alex Heidner