To The Person Waiting For A Sign


We often hear the stories of incredible men and women who were called to enter into prolonged seasons of waiting with little clarity and no apparent purpose.  


We read these stories and tell our friends, “Keep waiting. All in God’s timing. If you’re waiting, you're in good company.” And that is true. 


Abraham waited for 100 years to have a son. 

Moses waited for 40 years in the desert before God spoke to him through the burning bush. 

The Disciples were told to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came to them. 

Paul was left waiting for freedom in a prison cell. 


These people waited with astonishing courage and incredible tenacity. 

Waiting is important and holy and sacred and beautiful.

But waiting is not the end of the story. 



The Bible is not just a book about people who waited.

It is also a wild narrative, telling dramatic stories of individuals who showed extraordinary bravery as they took action; even when they didn’t have the full picture.  


Esther didn’t wait for someone else to stand up for her people. 

She didn’t create a pros and cons list to decide what to do. 

She chose to stand before the King. She took action. 


Joshua didn’t laugh at God when he was asked to walk around the walls of Jericho. 

He didn’t schedule a meeting with his mentor or pray about it for three years. 

He just started walking. He took action. 


David didn’t read a stack full of books about how to operate a sling shot when he heard the threats of Goliath. 

He didn’t pass the job on to someone who appeared more qualified. 

He just grabbed five smooth stones. He took action.  


Sometimes we are called to wait. And that is good and right. 

And sometimes we need to take time to pray, to reflect and to pursue the wisdom of trusted voices in our lives.  

But, is it possible we can absorb the stories of waiting so deeply into our souls that we assume we will always be called to wait? 


Maybe, sometimes, we just need to take action.  


What are you putting off under the excuse of, “Waiting?” 


What if the ideas, the plans, the hopes and the dreams we have within us aren’t mistakes? What if, instead, they are glimpses of the person God has created us to be and the story He has called us to live?


What if God is handing us wild ideas, big plans, remarkable hopes and imaginative dreams and He is waiting to see what we will do with them?


What if our ideas could change the world?

What if our plans could transform lives?

What if our hopes could inspire the people around us?

What if our dreams could usher justice into places of injustice?


So let’s take our ideas, our plans, our hopes and our dreams and let’s actually do something about them.


Because the ideas, plans, hopes and dreams God has placed within you really, really matter.