You're Invited

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Everyone is welcome in this wild adventure of life.


In fact, you’re not just welcome. You’re invited.  


We live in a culture where young people, more than ever, seem to be waiting to be invited into the adventure of life.


We expect someone to invite us into community.

We desire for someone to invite us to participate in their cause. 

We want someone to invite us to make a difference and do something great with our lives.


And so often, we stand still until someone invites us.

We feel stuck, and restless, and unwanted, and purposeless.

Because no one has invited us.


But, what if we have already been invited?

Maybe, all that’s really left to say is, “Yes.


It is easier to justify our mediocre routines and mundane lives if we can convince ourselves we are still waiting for our invitation.

However, if we actually take the ownership over our lives, the responsibility is suddenly thrust back into our laps and we are forced to confront the question, “How will I contribute to this world?”


Here’s the question.


How would you live if you believed you were already invited?


Because, you are.

You’re invited to love without hindrance.

You’re invited to live with great intentionality.

You’re invited to laugh as loud as you’d like.

You’re invited to lead with remarkable courage.

You’re invited to travel far and wide.

You’re invited to stay home and spend time with people you love.

You’re invited to create beautiful art.

You’re invited to fight for justice around the world.

You’re invited to confront the injustice in your hometown.

You’re invited to make great speeches.

You’re invited to dress in bright colors.

You’re invited to speak boldly for truth.

You’re invited to preach the Gospel in back alleys.   

You’re invited to preach the Gospel on a stage.

You’re invited to create relationships across divides of race and culture.

You’re invited to start world-changing initiatives.

You’re invited to provide a meal for the hungry man in your city. 

You’re invited to welcome people into your home.

You’re invited to design beautiful spaces for community to happen.

You’re invited to write soulful poetry.

You’re invited to start world-changing companies.

You’re invited to raise funds for children across the globe.

You’re invited to pour into the lives of children in your own neighborhood.

You’re invited.


What are you waiting for?

Don’t waste your life waiting for an invitation you have already received.


God is still calling to His people and asking, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8a)

He doesn’t force us to say, “Yes.”

He invites.

He asks.

And He waits for us to respond and say, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8b)


The invitation is already extended.

Raise your hand.

Say, “Yes.”


You’re invited into this wild adventure of life.