A Deep Breath Of Redemption


Chicago has finally taken it’s first, deep breath of spring.  

And it feels like my whole corner of the world has breathed a deep sigh of relief.


The brown, slushy mush has slowly melted away and the sun is more gracious in making itself known.  Birds are coming back to the party, warming up their vocal chords for the summer that is to come.  The wind is even different; gentle instead of biting.  It’s kindly drifting through the open windows of my Jeep instead of harshly whipping around the corner of every building.


And as I’m watching these external changes take place all around me, I am reminded of the renewal, the redemption and the new-birth Jesus wants to bring about in my own life.


I’m the kind of person who really wants to...arrive.

I want to reach my happiest life and I want to realize all of my dreams. Yesterday.


But the beautiful thing about this journey of following Jesus is the never ending, ever deepening redemption Jesus is inviting you and I to experience.


We love to post on instagram about the achievements we’ve realized, the dreams we’ve completed, the goals we’ve reached.  

But, more of than not, life is messy.

There is unrest in our souls, dreams still in progress, hopes yet to be realized and deep desires that are still unfulfilled.   


This wild journey of life is not about arriving at a destination and staying there.


Rather, we are in need of daily redemption. Daily renewal.

We need to be made new over, and over, and over, and over again.


Jesus longs to a work in our hearts and our souls and our innermost places to bring redemption into places of darkness, hope into places of despair, renewal into places of brokeness, joy into places of longing.


Steep your soul in the presence of the Almighty Creator who longs to bring rebirth into every part of who you are.


Take a deep breath of hope.

Welcome the gentle wind of renewal.

And take delight in a Jesus who loves us so deeply, so sacricially, so unconditionally He invites us to experience His redemption each and every day.