Wake Up.


I was determined.

I wasn’t going to miss it.  


After four days in the mountains you would think I wouldn’t still be so infatuated.  

But I was.  


I couldn’t help it.  


I always tell my friends, I think God had me in mind when He created mountains.

They say He may have created them for more people than just me.

I’m not so sure.


I sat in the backseat of that car zooming down the road, coming home from a weekend road trip across the country with some of my soul-iest friends.  


My soul-iest friends are those people who just seem to know me so well and for so long that they seem to know what’s in my soul before I do.

Those friendships are good.


We left our friend’s house in the cutest little town in Pennsylvania before the sun rose, hoping to get home before the midwestern snowstorm hit.


Everyone was exhausted from exploring and adventuring, so it was still and quiet in the car.


My sister was driving and everyone else was knocked out.


Except for me.


My eyes drooped.


It felt as though I had 10 pound weights pulling them shut, and I was using all of my strength and will just to keep them open.  


My sister looked back at me in the rearview mirror and ssaid, “Hannah, it’s ok. You can close your eyes. You can fall asleep.”


To which I stubbornly responded, “No. This is my last glimpse of the mountains before we return to the flat land of Chicago….I don’t want to miss it.”


My sister chuckled and nodded.

She knew better than to argue with me when my deep stubborn streak combines with my passionate love of mountains.

It would be fruitless to try and convince me to go to sleep.

Because I wasn’t about to miss a minute of drinking in the magnitude, and the majesty, and the might of those mountains.

Not. Even. A. Moment.


So there I sat, for hours, willing myself to stay awake and delighting in every shifting shadow that crept over the rocky ridges of the mountains all around us.


And, it was worth it.

I wasn’t about to close my eyes and MISS anything.


Do you ever feel like you are sleeping through your life?


Like you have forgotten that on the other side of your eyelids lies the magic and whimsy and beauty of your life?

Like you know you could will yourself awake to experience life in all of its magnitude...but it’s so much easier to just allow your eyes to droop and to sleep through another day of your life?


We live in a world that is in the midst of waking up.

Millennials ushered in whole new way of living where adventure is chased and beauty is celebrated, and now Gen Z is getting to benefit from this new, waking up world we are creating.


But, we are so far from fully awake.  

We have so much farther to go.  


Because, here’s the deal.

When Jesus described this life of following Him in a radical way, He wasn’t talking about an eyes-half-closed kind of life.

He described an abundantly open, free life.  An eyes-wide-open life.


Galatians 5:1 says. “Christ has set us FREE to live a FREE life. So take your stand!”


In other words.



Life is being lived all around you.


Flowers are blooming and hills are rolling and waterfalls are roaring.

There is injustice to be solved and people to be loved and good work to pour yourself into.

There is beauty to be seen and laughter to be had and journeys to be taken.



Wake up.

Keep your eyes open.

Don’t miss the moment.

Don’t fall asleep.  


Fight like heck against that temptation to coast by, to close your eyes and to fall asleep.



Live boldy.

Live loudly.

Live like your life matters.



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