What You Are Actually Living For

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“It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.”

Ephesians 1:13 MSG


What are you living for?

No. I’m not talking about the Church-y answer you usually give.

I’m talking about the pause, take a look inside, examine your soul answer.


What are you actually living for?


So often, we look around at our 21st century context and compare ourselves with the people around us and convince ourselves, “I am nailing it. I am living for Christ.”


But then….we complain our house isn’t big enough, our job isn’t fun enough, our car isn’t fast enough, our clothes aren’t new enough, our singleness isn’t fair enough, our spouse isn’t supportive enough, our kids aren’t well behaved enough, our bodies aren’t skinny enough, our lives aren’t happy enough, our church isn’t modern enough, our church isn’t traditional enough, nothing is...enough.  


And suddenly, we realize those things all actually really matter to us.

Because...we’re living for the things this world values instead of living for something greater.


Here is the question.  

What in your life have you given the authority to dictate what you should be chasing?


Have you allowed the media to dictate you should be chasing an image?

Have you allowed tv shows to dictate you should be chasing romance?

Have you allowed billboards to dictate you should be chasing happiness?

Have you allowed the success mirage to dictate you should be chasing bigger houses and faster cars?

Have you allowed an entitled theology to dictate you should be chasing a perfect church?

Have you allowed your friends to dictate you should be chasing the, “the one?”

Have you allowed movies to dictate you should be chasing your own selfish desires?


And what would change if you actually, ACTUALLY, walked away from all of it in order to live only for Jesus Christ?


What is your biggest distraction from living for Christ right now?


And what would it take to release it, to align your heart and desires with the person of Jesus, and to live a life fully surrendered to the only One who died so you could live?  


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