The Truth About Beauty

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I recently posted on Instagram about my thoughts on beauty and social media and how confusing it can all get. And as I read the comments and responses from girls around the country I realized…this topic is important. 

And it’s not just for girls. 

It’s not just for teenagers. 

It’s for all of us.  

As followers of Jesus and individuals who desire to live distinct lives, we have to get clear about the beauty conversation. 

This isn’t a neutral topic. 


It is one that is deeply embedded in our identity and our insecurities. 

We can easily pretend we have it figured out and claim we always remember the truth. 


But, we’re human. 

And so often…we just forget. 


So let’s keep talking about it. 

Because how we see ourselves matters. 


If we see ourselves as second-rate, mediocre, or “less-than,” we will never truly be able to live a distinct life. 


So, here is what I shared on Instagram. 

Let’s keep sharing, keep talking, keep opening up in vulnerability. 


Let’s see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator and live in the freedom of our identity in Him.

Because when we do, we can truly live a distinct life.

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To The Girl Who Learned Beauty From Instagram:

You open instagram and type in their name.
You stare longingly at their perfect outfits, and hair, and makeup and…everything.

Then you go put a face mask on, and buy that outfit online and workout…again.
You try harder and say, “I can look like that too.” So you change. You morph into whatever society says beauty looks like.
We work and we strive and we buy and we try…to look just like everyone else.

But as you're swiping through perfect picture after perfect picture…you begin to crave something entirely new.

Natural and imperfect. Real and yet beautiful.

Not beautiful like the world had told you how to be beautiful.
Beautiful like you were telling the world how you decided to be beautiful.

It’s so striking, so rare, so unexpected.

Because, it’s YOUR beautiful.

Unique and unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

Dear friend- be YOUR beautiful.

You aren’t beautiful because you fit into the world’s definition of beauty or perfection.
You are beautiful because you were hand crafted, carefully molded, uniquely designed.
You are a masterpiece of the creative Genius who painted sunsets, and sculpted mountain ranges and sprinkled the oceans with rainbow colored fish.
God doesn’t want to look at you and see someone else.
He wants to see YOU.
Imperfect, but full of life.

Sometimes wild, but full of joy.

Flawed, but full of hope.
Beautiful…in your own way.
Right in the very center of who God created you to be.
This is where we feel most free.

So go…be YOUR beautiful and live truly FREE. #distinctmoments

Generation Distinct