When The Distinct Moments Don’t Really Feel Distinct


We all have that vision of what we want our life...and even our ministry, to look like one day.

Often times, that vision is somewhat out of reach and way overly glamorized. In fact, my vision usually includes the "dream haze" found in Disney movie flashbacks. 


But, is it possible we sometimes take a dream that is good, and right, and OF God..and throw a dream haze filter on it and suddenly make that same dream all about US? 

For me, that answer is 100% YES. I’m guilty of it. 


Each day, as I wake up in my home in the suburbs of Chicago, quickly throwing on some yoga pants and driving to the closest starbucks to get some work done….I am reminded that sometimes the dreams God gives us are not meant to be some glamorous, perfect, spotless dream life.  


Maybe, God’s dreams for us and for His world are actually taking place right smack dab in the middle of our messy, ordinary, daily life


It can be easy, especially for us crazy millennials, to lose sight of WHY we are called to chase down the dreams God has uniquely created us with.  

If you think you should chase down your God-given dream because it will draw you into a more glamorous life…then you’re going to end up confused and discouraged. 

Now, let me say something. 

I am a girl who searches for beauty, and fun, and adventure and thrilling experiences. I just am.

It’s part of ME. 


So, chances are, I’m still going to chase down that hiking, exploring, rock climbing, surfing, kayaking, traveling life.  It still sounds really fun to me. 


But if that’s my MAIN pursuit, if that’s my ONLY goal, if I’m pursuing the growth of GenD SO THAT I can have a "cooler" life, then I have completed forgotten the very message of the Gospel. 


We are not created to find the perfect life. 

We are not on this earth to collect the greatest videos on our GoPros. 

We are not here to tell people about the fun life we live. 


God created a fun, beautiful, whimsical world and He delights when we enjoy it. 

BUT. It’s not our PURPOSE. 


We are on this earth to make God’s name great and to change eternities and to fight against injustice. 

If we’re neglecting that core purpose, our truest calling, in the pursuit of “fun” or “cool” then it has gone too far. 


So don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop exploring. And for heaven’s sake, don’t stop enjoying the life God has gifted to you. 


Don’t get so distracted with the earth-y stuff, that you forget the eternity stuff.  


The eternity stuff? 

That’s the combatting injustice, loving people, entering into messes, sacrificial living, generous stuff. 

It’s the stuff that is going to matter after this earth is gone. 

It’s the things we’ll talk about at the end of our lives. 

It’s the stories people will tell as they talk about that one person who impacted their life and eternity forever. 


If I never live a instagram worthy, perfect life on this earth…that’s ok. 

This isn’t my home. 


I'm living for the day when I stand at the feet of my Creator and hear Him say, "Come on in, Hannah. You're welcome here. I've got a beautiful spot just for you."  


Generation Distinct