Dear Friend, You're Enough

Dear Friend,

I see you scrolling, liking, editing, posting, friending, and waiting. 

Waiting for the affirmation and approval to pop up on the screen of your phone.

Always wondering, “Am I enough for these people? Do they like me?”


I know it because, well, me too. 

But it’s not just social media. 

It’s life. 



It’s the earning, and striving, and silent conversations in our heads. 

It’s the wondering if we’re enough or if we’re worthy. 


We walk into a coffee shop…and we wonder if we belong. 

I run down the path in my neighborhood…and I wonder if I’m enough. 

You meet up with your friends…and you wonder if you’re worthy of their friendship.

I wander around my city…and I wonder if people think I’m too…fill in the blank. 


Can we just be real?


I have insecurities. 

Insecurities about how I look, who I am, and if I could ever be enough to be used by God. 


But we keep these insecurities inside, as though pretending they don’t exist will make them magically disappear.


But they don’t.

In fact, they grow bigger and stronger until they seep into every single part of our lives.


And we wonder, “Why do I feel so disconnected from God, from my community, from my life?” 

While all the while, there is a giant black cloud of shame and doubt and insecurity hovering around us.  


So, let’s be done with hiding the icky, real, messy life stuff. 

Let’s acknowledge it. 

Let’s speak it.

Let’s invite others into our real life thoughts. 

Let the people who love you speak truth into your doubts, your insecurities and your shame.

Let the fierce light of truth pierce the black cloud.  


May we embrace the love, the mercy, and the goodness of a God who delights in communing with us in the very center of our most messy, icky, shameful moments as He draws us into the light. 


And let’s accept the radical, Christ-like love of people who want to know us; The real us, the ugly parts of us, the most authentic us.  

Allow that love to transform you. 


Speak your insecurities and allow people to speak truth. 

Be brave. 

Be real. 

Be free. 

Generation Distinct