Discover Beauty In Everyone


“Discover Beauty In Everyone.”

Romans 12:17 (MSG)


I appreciate how, “Real life” Paul is.

He wasn’t someone who sugar-coated or danced around a topic.

He was straightforward, sometimes blunt, and always honest.


And I love what he says in Romans 12:17.

"Discover beauty in everyone."


It’s as though he is saying, “I know you won’t always see beauty in everyone at first. You may have to do more work to find it in some people than with others. It’s not always...easy.

You will have to DISCOVER it.”


Discover is defined as, “Find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.”


It is found.

It is unexpected.

It is discovered in the search.


But sometimes, we would rather not start searching for this beauty at all.

Because it’s easier to write that person off, to ignore them, to reason that you can love everyone else...besides them.


Maybe because they’re different.

Or, maybe, they’re too much like you.

Or, maybe, because they just aren’t


Let’s be honest.

For those of us in the millennial generation, it is, “cooler” to love the homeless man on the corner than it is to love our families.

It’s, “trendier” to love the orphan in Africa than it is to love the neighbors who live right next door.

It’s, “more exciting” to love the widow across the ocean than the one in our very own family.  


Ironically, our generation is better at discovering the beauty in individuals far away who we barely know than the people we interact with on a daily basis.


But Paul doesn’t challenge us to only discover the beauty in the individuals who are removed from our daily lives.

He tell us to discover the beauty in...EVERYONE.


Your roommate.

Your Boss.

Your parents.

Your spouse.

Your co-workers.

Your Professors.

Your grandparents.

Your children.

Your neighbors.

Your clients.

Your friends.




The orphans.

The widows.

The homeless.

The marginalized.

The forgotten.

The silenced.

The abandoned.




Discover the beauty in each person you interact with.

See it.

Name it.

Speak it.


And as you see the beauty in each person, treat them as though they matter, honor them with respect, relate to them with compassion and engage with them in love.

Generation Distinct