Messy Love


Maybe it’s just me.

But, doesn’t it usually feel way easier to talk about radical love than to actually live it out?



So often, love can just seem like a really good idea that we plaster on the walls of our homes, tattoo on our arms and talk about with our friends.



Love is trendy, cute, and popular...especially when it is written in some script-y, fancy font.



But as I flip through the pages of the Gospels I am struck with a love that is anything but trendy or popular.



The love that Jesus lived out was messy, and inconvenient, and difficult, and painful, and hard, and uncomfortable and always, always about OTHER people.



For the King of the World, loving people was never about earning approval, or being “good,” or impressing others.



It was always about loving for the sake of another person. It was sacrificial. It was selfless. It was pure.  



As we walk through life, we must live with eyes wide open, hearts surrendered, ready to be used by God to love in radically inclusive, stunning, selfless ways.



Let’s become a generation that claims a different brand of love.


A love that cares more about others.

A love that believes deeply.

A love that risks daringly.

A love that crosses divides.

A love that creates unity.

A love that stands for truth.

A love that is inconvenient.

A love that changes our culture.


I pray God would change and refine my heart so that I no longer bring my own expectations and needs into the love I show others.



Rather, I want to love the way Jesus does.



Let’s love people.  I mean, let’s really, really love people.



Generation Distinct