To The Millennial Who Is Afraid To Dig Their Roots

79% of Millennials want to visit all 50 states.*

75% of Millennials would like to travel abroad.*

69% of Millennials say they crave adventure. *


I love being a Millennial. I love our sense of adventure, our fearlessness, our crazy risk-taking nature, and our passion to experience all of life to the very full.  



For all of our adventuring, and exploring, and traveling, and risking…there is still one thing that seems to scare so many of the millennials I talk to. 

Let’s be honest…it scares me too. 




Settling in. 


We love the idea that we can pick up and move at the drop of a hat. 

We idolize the gypsy lifestyle that allows us to travel from place to place. 

We dream of a nomad existence, wandering to and from, without any commitments. 



For all the glamour that surrounds this idea…we often seem to forget one of the central principles of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. 


It’s people. 


And if we want to make real impact in the lives of real people, we have to actually be present in their lives. 


We need to show up consistently. 

We need to be present in the pain. 

We need to invite them into our lives. 

We need to do life alongside them. 


When Jesus invited Peter to leave his boat, He could have said, “Come obey me.” Or, “Come read my laws.” Or, “Come with me and I’ll grab a quick coffee with you just this once.” 


But He didn’t. 

He said, “Come follow me.” 

It was invitation to join Jesus’ life. 

It was an invitation to be a part of Jesus’ story. 

It was an invitation to be led in a way that would eventually propel Peter into his own story of adventure and world change.


Because Jesus knew life change rarely happens through one cup of coffee. 

It happens through consistency. 

It happens though life-on-life investment. 

It happens when we show up time, after time, after time, after time in the lives of the people we are called to love and lead to Jesus. 



Don't abandon your love for adventure or risk or exploration or new places.  I never will. 

And if you desire to move somewhere new or travel around the world, by all means, go. 


But, please, don’t pursue a nomadic life at the expense of making real impact. 

Don’t keep your roots short for fear of becoming, “tied down.”


Instead, dig your roots down deep wherever you are, for however long. Create relationships, invest in lives, show up consistently, and lead people to Jesus. 


Watching Jesus transform a life through your faithfulness and consistency and intentional love may prove to be the greatest adventure you ever embark on. 




* Statistics taken from

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