A God Who Belly Laughs at Our Wonder of His World

As Fall officially makes it’s grand entrance into the midwest, I am reminded of the beauty of this season.  Some of the most magical moments are spent surrounded by a canopy of bright leaves, causing the whole word to feel golden and warm and...magical.


These moments are magical because they shout and leak and drip of the goodness of a beautiful and fun God who belly laughs at our wonder of His world. 


When we laugh from our gut...I think God cheers.

When we stare in wonder at what He’s made...I think He celebrates. 

When we dance for joy…I think He turns the music up louder. 

When we stand in awe of the bright hues He’s painted…I think He grins. 


When we pause and see and touch and feel and experience the beauty of life...I think the world starts to look just a little bit more like Heaven. 


Because I don’t think Heaven is just perfect. 

I think it’s also fun. 

It think it’s also beautiful. 

I think it’s gonna make me laugh. The big, belly laugh. The loud, tears-coming-out-of-my-eyes laugh.  


And I want other people to know how fun, and beautiful and perfect the place God is preparing for us is going to be. 


If we follow Jesus, this is part of our calling.  


Let’s show the world just a glimpse of our eternity. 

Let’s live with joy and remind our world what could be in store for them. 


Let’s laugh loud, walk slow, dance more, live wide-eyed, and just let ourselves fall completely in love with the magic of life.  


Let’s live in such a way that reflects the hope and the joy and the goodness and the fun and the beauty that we know is waiting for us on the other side of eternity. 


And then…let’s invite our tribe to join us there. 

Generation Distinct