What Is Your "Why?" - By Guest Writer, Janet Simpson


What does that word actually mean?

 In its simplest form, it means, “For what reason or purpose?”

Why do you get out of bed each morning? Why do you fight for the people around you when you feel like you have no fight left? Why do you go to God and pray even when you don’t hear an answer right away?

I believe a “why” lies inside each one of us; A purpose that is greater than ourselves we can live for.

And I believe your "why" is God breathed.  

He has placed a cause to live for inside of you.

For nine months, I was in a Leadership program (www.Rev5.org) where I was challenged to find my own “why” and to discover a cause greater than myself to live for. Each morning we would go for a run and we were always asked why we were running. And the answer could not be, "You are making me run."

Through that time, I thought I had found a, "why" greater than myself to live for, but I later discovered this “why” that was governing my life was selfish.

I hadn't actually pursued God to give me a "why."

I returned home from that program almost two years ago and, in that time, God has shown me my true “why.”   He has shown me my, "why" is not to fight for the people on the other side of the globe.

My "why" is to fight for my neighbors, my sisters, and my brothers to surrender their lives to God, right here in my tiny, little town of Kearney, Missouri.

  “Pray for the peace and prosperity of the city I have placed you in.”

Jeremiah 29:7

But it has not been an easy journey for me to accept this, "why."

I tried to run from this town because I thought I knew best. I was so ready to leave this place. But, then, God met me right where I was and showed me I am not in this fight alone.

Rather, He is the One holding me up and the One fighting this battle. I am simply the vessel sharing the truth He has revealed to me.

Why do you wake up each morning? Is it to go to foreign lands and preach the Good News to those who have never heard the Gospel before? Is it to hold the hands of the widows and help  break down the barriers in their hearts towards God? Is it to show the addicted and enslaved there is freedom in Christ? Or, maybe you’re like me, and you are called to fight on your knees for the salvation of those right in your own backyard.

There is no limit to what God can and will call you to do!

I challenge you to ask God to reveal your “why” to you. 

We serve a faithful God who longs to see you and I become the men and women He has created us to be!

Let’s fight this battle, discover our "why" and follow the God who promises to go before us in this journey of following Him.


Written by Janet Simpson

-Avid Coffee Drinker

-Truth Speaker

-Truth Seeker

-Daughter Of The Light

-Adventure Seeker