The Magic of Ordinary Life


There are some moments of life when we seem more awake to the magic of life.

I am learning that the magic of life is all around us, if we will only take off the blinders and learn to see the world with a child-like wonder. 

This summer, I felt God reveal to me, once again, how magical this world and this life truly can be.  

I saw the magic in the fireworks at a summer camp in Wisconsin.  I saw the magic of a waterfall crashing down and echoing off the walls of a canyon.  I have seen the magic of an ice cream cone dripping down my arm midway through a road trip on a summer day.  I have felt the magic of a boat racing across an open lake.  I have experienced the magic of a fire pit after a day at the beach with flames that sizzle and pop and grow and change each moment.  

But these moments are not just magical because they are beautiful and fun. 

These moments are magical because they shout and leak and drip of the goodness of a beautiful and fun God who belly laughs at our wonder of His world.  

He is a God who is present in those moments and who created those moments. His presence, once tasted, becomes something we crave.  His presence is not only found when we are at Church or when we have our Bibles open. I feel His presence in the magic of ordinary, beautiful, magical, hope filled life.  

It is felt in the whisper of the wind and the whimsy of the sunshine. I feel His presence in the laughter I share with the young ladies I mentor and the froyo I eat way too often. I feel His presence as I sit in my yard and the wind tousles my hair. 

But too often, I move too fast. We move too fast. Too often, the magic of life is swallowed by our schedules that are more of a trophy we show off to prove we are more busy, more important, or more wanted than the person next to us. 

But I am tired of proving that I am busy, only to end my days collapsing into bed and wondering where all the magic was.

I am starting to crave something more than a busy schedule, lots of appointments, or a big contact book. 

I crave wholeness. 

I crave intimacy with Christ. 

I crave deep, soulful friendships. 

I crave authenticity. 

I crave the magic of life. 

Slowly, my hands are opening and I am releasing the busyness and the achievements I used to grasp to so tightly.  Gradually, I am breathing slower and seeing the magic more often. Gently, God is stripping me of the distractions I put all around me and drawing me into a simpler, but more magical life of following Him. 

It means leaving my phone behind. It means reading a book. 

It means sitting outside. It means lingering at coffee shops with friends. 

It means taking the prettier route home. It means taking walks. 

It means listening to my family. It means having a Sabbath. 

It means going to the beach. It means late night ice cream runs. 

It means simple, slower, unplanned, spontaneous, magical life. 

Slow is not my natural state. But I am finding that the more time I spend in a slow rhythm, the faster my fast rhythm can be.  If I am full and satisfied through sitting in intimacy with Jesus, soul-filling relationships, and moments of simplicity, I can run faster on the race laid out for me when I stand up.  

Take moments of simplicity to prepare for the moments of battle. Life is not one, long sprint. Life is made up of magical moments that spur us on and fill us up as we continue to fight injustice, love others and change the world. 

We love Jesus and others best when we live in wholeness. 

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