Meet Generation Distinct Administrative Director, Faith Schiller!

One of most beautiful blessings I have experienced since embarking on the adventure of starting Generation Distinct has been the people who have said “Yes,” to join me on our Staff Team.  

Our Staff team are some of the most passionate, loving, incredible, talented people you will ever meet. 

And I want to introduce them to YOU this week! 

Meet Faith Schiller- Administrative Director of Generation Distinct


How old are you?

20, I'm the baby of the staff team :)


What role do you play at Generation Distinct? 

I'm the administrative director and I work closely with our Champions!


Why does the vision of Generation Distinct matter to you? 

I care about the vision of Gen D because God has given each of us gifts, talents, and passions which make us uniquely suited for our calling. We are designed to right the wrongs we see, and I believe that God can, and will, use this generation to change the world. 


What do you love to do? 

Currently drawing.. but  do love a good game of volleyball and snowboarding.


Where is the best place you have traveled? 

Definitely Colorado. MOUNTAINS! 

The first time I went to CO for a leadership retreat/snowboarding trip in the early spring of 2015. The second time was in the summer of 2015 with my BFF to visit some friends and climb a mountain.


What can you be found doing on the weekend? 

Homework. Currently, I'm working full time and doing school full time, so all my free time goes to homework. IF for some odd reason I'm not doing home work, I'm probably drawing, listening to country music, or hanging with my little sister.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done? 

Skydiving. I highly recommend it.


What is your personal, life purpose statement?

I am called by God to call out the truth I see in others. I believe that each of our unique passions, talents, and abilities prepare us to impact this world in ways no one else can. I desire to help young people realize their extraordinary potential.


What is something we should know about you? 

You know when you pull up to a red light, and you look over and see someone just dancing their heart out in their car?    

That’s me. 


Are you a morning person or night person?

Neither. 2pm is my time. 


What is your favorite ethnic food? 

Mediterranean food = So yummy!


What is playing on your spotify this week? 


I caved into the social pressure.

Faith New York.JPG

What book has made a huge impact on your life? 

"Team of Rivals" by Doris Goodwin. Its about Lincoln's presidency and how his cabinet influenced him. Its an amazingly fascinating book and makes me respect Abraham Lincoln's presidency SO MUCH.


Who is one of the biggest mentors in your life? 

My mom has been one of the biggest mentors in my life. She has taught me how to love well, serve people, and enjoy the little things. 



What can you not go through a day without doing? 

I absolutely need a cup of coffee and a big hug every single day!