One Word Every World Changer Must Know

Have you ever wondered exactly what God has planned for your future? 
We want to follow God’s plan for your life, we just don't know what that plan is.  
We often want the clarity so desperately, we let our desire to follow God’s plan distract us from the trust it takes to actually follow Him. Maybe we were never meant to know exactly where we are going or what’s up ahead.  
If we knew, perhaps we wouldn't have the courage to keep going.  
If Abraham knew exactly what he was signing up for when he said, “yes” to God, would he have said it? 
If Joseph knew…
If Moses knew…
If David knew…
If Mary knew…
If Peter knew….
If Paul knew….
….would they have said, "Yes?" 
Would they have said, "Yes" to the persecution, the sacrifices, the judgment and the pain? 

Maybe not.  Maybe they would have said, “No.”  
But if they had said, “No,”… they never would have had the adventure. 
They never would have impacted countless lives. 
They never would have changed the world.  

But they said, “Yes.”  
Abraham said, "Yes" to uprooting his family.
Joseph said, "Yes" to doing the right thing despite the consequences. 
Moses said, "Yes" to leading an entire nation. 
David said, "Yes" to risking his life to defend the name of God. 
Mary said, "Yes" to enduring ridicule to be the teenage mom of God’s Son. 
Peter said, "Yes" to starting a movement in a hostile environment. 
Paul said, "Yes" to a life of persecution, trials and set backs. 

They all said, "Yes" to changing the world. 

The extraordinary moments of our lives never happen when we playing it safe.  
The epic stories never happen in the moments we know will turn out ok.
Changing the world takes risk.

In his book, “Risk Is Right,” John Piper tells us,

This is what I mean by risk. It is the will of God that we be uncertain about how life on this earth will turn out for us. And therefore it is the will of the Lord that we take risks for the cause of God.
— John Piper

Perhaps the risk of saying, "Yes" when we are unsure IS the very will of God. 

You aren’t going to take a huge, life changing risk every day.  
But, every now and then, those risks will show up.  
And it’s at those times when we need to be ready.  
Have you practiced? Have you flexed your, “risk muscles?”
Will you retreat when the risks that really matter come along?
Or have you put in your time to prepare for that moment? 

Before you take any risk, there is one question you must ask, “Will this risk push me closer towards the person God has created me to be?” 
If the answer is, "No," then the risk is not worth taking. 
A risk has value only when it thrusts us closer to the heart of our Creator. 
Any other risk is just an excuse to make a wrong choice. 

But there is risk that is right. 
And that risk is beautiful. 

Take a risk today. 
Big or small.  
Take a leap. 

Say, "Yes" to something today that will push you closer towards the person God designed you to be and the dreams He has placed inside of you.