What Is Your Passion?

What is it that makes you different from every other person on this planet?

I’m not talking about your fingerprint, or the freckle you have on your left arm, or even your personality. 
I’m talking about something more.

When God was laying out the strategy of the entire world, and your name came up, what did He say?

Did He say…
She will end world hunger.  
He will radically impact a small group of high school boys.
She will write a book that will change people’s lives.
He will put a stop to human trafficking.

God didn’t place you on this earth to be optional, or second rate, or replaceable. 

He placed you on this earth for a purpose.  

Our ultimate purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. 
God has also placed a unique passion inside each and every one of of us.

How dare we ever live and die
without discovering that passion!

If He gave us a passion that could change the world He created, then the least we can do is find out what it is and take a step.

So, what is your passion? 

If you continue to read my blog, you will soon figure out that I have a few “heroes” I tend to talk about… a lot. 

Some of the people who make this list include John Piper, John Newton, and Elisabeth Elliot. 

But, I believe there have been few individuals more passionate, driven, focused or sold out for Christ than William Wilberforce. 

William Wilberforce was an English politician, philanthropist, theologian and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade in England. 

But he was also a man who refused to let his age limit what God could accomplish through him.  He actually believed that his young age could be an asset to him in changing the world. 
He did not have to wait to discover his passions.  
He has been credited with saying, "We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible...so we will do them anyway." 

That statement makes me want to get up, stand on the table, and spike my computer.  
That statement is what this blog is fighting for.  

William Wilberforce was one of the most influential men in the 19th century and he accomplished an insane amount of important work in his lifetime.  

These accomplishments include becoming a member of Parliament at age twenty-one, being one of the founders of the Clapham Sect, writing one of the most influential books of his time, changing the culture of England AND abolishing the slave trade.

The entire abolition of the slave trade in England took place because this man refused to believe God placed him on this earth without a passion or a purpose. 

I’d say he had a pretty meaningful life. 

But you know what? 

He had a meaningful life because he knew, to his core, what he was placed on this earth to accomplish.  

At age twenty-seven he penned these words:
“God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.” 

He knew what He was created to do, so he set out to do it.  

And he did it.

Author John Pollock tells us, “There is little doubt that William Wilberforce changed the moral outlook of Great Britain…The reformation of manners [morals] grew into Victorian virtues and Wilberforce touched the world when he made goodness fashionable.”

And July 26, 1833 proved to be a monumental day as seventy-four year old William Wilberforce saw slavery officially and finally abolished in England, after his forty-six year fight.  

Three days after slavery was abolished, Wilberforce passed away.
And that was it.  His life and his ministry here on earth were over. 

But his legacy was not.  
Because we are still talking about Him. 
And millions of people are not enslaved because one man decided he was going to accomplish what he was placed on this earth to accomplish. 

He changed the world.
Don’t you want that to be your story and your legacy? 

Then let’s rise up, get up and do it! 

What is your mission? 
If you could create your own statement of purpose, what would it be? 

Fill in this blank -
God Almighty has set before me...

Can you do it? Do you know what your answer is?

Let’s stop just thinking this is a good idea and get down on our knees and plead with God to reveal the passion and purpose He has set before us. 

Ask people you trust, “What do you see in me?” 

As author Kim Goad says, “What makes you pound the table, stand on your feet, and scream, ‘Something has to be done about this’?” 

That is your God given passion.  

Don't wait until you are older.  Do it now. 
God didn't put an age requirement on passion.  

Take the time to figure out what you were placed on this earth to do and then go do it for the glory of Christ and the furthering of His Kingdom. 

No man has the right to be idle. Where is it that in such a world as this, health, and leisure, and affluence may not find some ignorance to instruct, some wrong to redress, some want to supply, some misery to alleviate?
— Wiliam Wilberforce