The 30 Day Challenge

Has anyone ever looked you in the eyes and claimed you would grow out of this “dreaming” stage?

Someone once told me that.  

Not a chance!
I dare to believe I will never abandon the dreams God has given me.  
And you can too. 

Now I get it, life can get in the way.  
There are houses to be cleaned, jobs to be worked, school to be done, snow to be shoveled, dinner to be cooked and homework to be finished.  

After weeks go by, it seems as though there is just too much life that stands in the way of the adventures we dream.  Life can seem to stand directly in the way of our dreams and directly in the way of changing the world. 

We all feel this way at some point, don’t we?  
But what is important is how we respond when we come to these crossroads. 

Will you throw up your hands and sigh, “It just isn’t practical to dream I could do anything great."

Or will you pound your fist on the table and stand on a chair and yell, “This world still needs to be changed and God has still called me to do it!”  

Do not let our generation be remembered for the dreams we abandoned.  
Let us be remembered for the dreams we LIVED and the world we CHANGED. 

I would rather we never dream a single dream… if we never take action.  Whether life gets in the way or not.  
Call me crazy, but I believe God has more in mind for your one and only life. 

Yes, keep doing the every day tasks…those things are absolutely important. But don’t get so tired with the tasks that you never live your dreams.

Take action.  
Write out a plan.
Take one small step each day.

What if we refused to let one more day pass without taking a step, however small, towards our dream? Because the world will try to discourage us, it will try to distract us, and it will try to deter us.  People will tell us we will outgrow our dreams. 

But I will live until my last day proclaiming that each day is a chance for us to change the world. 

Some days the change may be huge. 
Some days the change may be small.

But it will be important. And it will change the world. 
So let’s do it together.

The legacy of our generation can be changed if we decide to change it.

How could our generation be transformed if every single one of you, reading this right now, decided to change the world? 
every. single. day. 
I mean every. single. day.

Sound impossible?
It’s not. 

Today, I took a step to change the world by writing this article.
On Wednesday, I took a step to change the world by leading a Bible study with middle school girls.
On Monday, I took a step to change the world by mentoring an at-risk 5th grade boy. 

In a year, maybe I’ll be publishing my first book.
In 2 years, maybe I will be starting my own ministry. 

In 5 years, who knows what God could do? 

Maybe I’ll be ending world hunger, or living as a missionary in Ecuador,  or saving girls from human trafficking right here in America.

I don’t know where I will be in 5 years. 
But I know where I am today.
And today…I am going to change the world…

…will you? 

I want to invite you to join me on a 30 day challenge.
I challenge you to change the world every day for the next 30 days.  

No matter how big and no matter how small.
Change the world in some way, every day, for the next 30 days. 

See what happens.  
You may just want to change the world for the rest of your life. 

Will you take this challenge? 

If you take this challenge, share this picture with the caption:
"Join me in the 30 Day Challenge to Change the World. #GenerationDistinct"  
...and spread the challenge to others.

Then comment below with the step you are taking today.

Who knows? 
Your step may just inspire someone to take their first step towards changing the world.