So You Want to Change the World...

Who are you? 

If I were to ask you that question…what would you say? 

Would you say you are an athlete, a singer, a painter?

Would you say you’re tall or short or freckled or blonde? 

Would you say you’re smart or funny or popular?

If that's how you would answer…I hope this article will encourage you to reconsider. 

I am not asking you what you do, or how you look, or how the world defines you.  
I am asking who you ARE. 

Yes.  There is a difference.

You may never truly discover the passion and dream God has placed on your life until you know who you ARE. 

If you want to change the world, 
you must know who you ARE.

So...who are you? 

And if you don't know, how do you go about discovering who you are? 

This past week I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time at a Leadership School in Colorado called Revolution5.

Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Revolution5 is a 9 month experience that exists to disciple, train and develop college and twenty-somethings to love God, love people and lead with purpose and persuasion in every sphere of society.

While I was there, I experienced some incredible adventures including rock climbing, conquering the Manitou Incline, hiking through Garden of the gods and more. 

However, I also met God there in a powerful way and made some friendships that have truly impacted me. 

The students I met there may look like an “average” group you would meet on any college campus. 
But these people were anything but “average.” 

These students were some of the most sold-out, committed and passionate followers of Christ you would ever meet.  

Being with these students was like a breath of fresh air as I came face-to-face with what this blog is all about: Becoming a Distinct Generation.  

But if you ask anyone at the school how they became so passionate, they won’t tell you the formula they used, or the secret potion they drank.  

They would tell you this: They know who Christ is and they know who they ARE.  

They each know, to their core, who God made them to be and how God defines them.

If you ask them, “Who are you?” they won't say, “I am a baseball player, “ or “I am the popular girl,” or “I am the student with the really good grades.” 
Nor will they say, “I am the drug addict,” or “I am the failure,” or “I am the kid who does everything wrong.” 

They know who God says they ARE.  

And BECAUSE they know who they ARE,
they now know the passion God has given them.

So what about you?
How do you define yourself? 

Do you define yourself by your achievements? Do you define yourself by your failings?

Whatever you use to define yourself, besides Jesus Christ, is NOT who you ARE.  

You will only ever be defined by your Creator.  
That is it.  

So look through His Word.  Pour over Scripture.  Listen to His voice.  Write down who you ARE. 

Know who you ARE so deeply and truly that it leads you to ask the question, “Now…what will I DO?” 

Do you want to change the world? 
Know who Christ says you ARE.

Do you want to leave a lasting legacy?
Know who Christ says you ARE.

Do you want to live a life of passion and reckless abandon for the glory of the One who died so you could live? 
Know who Christ says you ARE. 

This blog is about becoming a Distinct Generation. 
It is about dreaming dreams that are breathtaking, about living with passion in every area of our life, about changing the world for the glory and renown of Christ alone! 

But if we truly want to make a lasting impact on this world and if we want to become a Generation who alters the course of history… then we MUST know who we ARE! 

So take a step.  
Start a page in your journal or a note on your iPhone. 

Search the pages of God’s Word and write down anytime He defines who you are.   
You’ll be surprised how often you see it once you begin to look for it.  

Need somewhere to start off? Check out Romans 8.  In this chapter you'll find some powerful statements about who you are in Christ. 

Let’s take action, young people of today!
Let’s rise up!

When we know who we ARE, we are dangerous. We are a force to be reckoned with.
We are capable of things we would never have dreamed, for the glory of Christ.

When we let go of the control and let Christ define who we are, the grandest and most exciting adventures of our lives begin.  

So let it begin today.  

Surrender yourself, discover who Christ says you are, and then go out and have the adventure of your life: Changing the world in the name of Christ.