You wake up on Monday morning. 
You missed your alarm.  The week has barely started and you’re already running behind. 
It’s raining outside and clouds block out the sun.  
You get in your car and spill coffee down the front of your shirt. 

At this point, I know exactly what you’re thinking: 
“I’m so glad it’s Monday!”

Ok, so maybe that is not exactly what you are thinking. But maybe it could be. 

We spend so much of our time waiting for the weekend.  
We hate Mondays.
We celebrate hump day…because we are closer to the weekend. 
We watch the clock hoping for 5:00 pm. 
And then we’re finally to the weekend…only to have the cycle start right back up again on Monday. 
Our culture hates Mondays. 

But I don’t think we were designed to live like this. 
Do you think God created the week so we would spend most of it pining for the weekend? 
Do you think He created Mondays for us to hate and dread?

I just don’t think He did. 

What if we saw every moment of our life as valuable?
What if we realized every day was an opportunity to impact a life?
What would happen if we leveraged every single day of our lives to changing the world?

Making an impact is not limited to Saturday afternoons. 
Being an adventurer is a lifestyle, not just a weekend activity. 
Pursuing Christ does not happen only on Sunday mornings. 

Our life is all about making an impact, having adventures, and, ultimately, glorifying Christ…every day.  Not just on the weekend. 

Whether it’s a Saturday, or a Wednesday or, yes, even a Monday, it can be the most incredible day of your life. 

It could be the day you finally start writing that book you've always talked about. 
It could be the night you have coffee with someone who needs the hope you have.
It could be the moment you apply for that missions trip you've always dreamed of taking. 

Adventures, opportunities, risk and excitement are not limited to the weekend. 

Every day, every moment, is a chance to impact a life, change an eternity, and touch the world. 

Let’s be the generation to quit the habit of hating Mondays. 
Let’s be the generation to end the cycle of wasting the week away. 
Let’s be the generation to make our our Mondays matter. 

Every Monday, we have the chance for a fresh start as we begin a new week.
This is cause for celebration!
It is the first day of the rest of your life.
A time to break old habits and start new ones.
A time to make new commitments and adopt new disciplines.
A time to set new goals and dream new dreams. 
And a time to take action as we live every day as though it really matters. 

So this Monday…live as though your Monday actually matters. 

Post a statement about how your Monday really matters on Social Media and hashtag #MyMondayMatters.

Or post, 
“Adventures, opportunities, risk and excitement are not limited to the weekend. #MyMondayMatters” 

Each Monday is the beginning of a week that could touch lives, bring adventures,  impact eternities, encourage others, challenge status quos, change the world and redefine a generation. 

So this next Monday, live as though #MyMondayMatters and live a life that really counts.