Let's Create A Movement

Have you ever wondered what people think of you? 

If you are anywhere from 13-29 years old… it turns out our society has a lot to say about “who you are.” 

Let’s start with the Teenagers. 
I believe in the potential of our generation... but our world has defined young adults in a very different way. 

It turns out we have quite the reputation. 

Have you ever searched the word “teenager” on Google? 
Go ahead. Try it. It’s incredible what you’ll find. 

I decided to type the phrase, “Teenager and their potential” into the Google search box.  

My search went something like this: 
I began typing “Teenager and …” into the Google search box. 

Google guessed I was looking for “Teenager and depression,” or “Teenager and drugs.” 

I tried to move on.  

I typed in “Teenager and their…”
Google guessed I was looking for “Teenager and their problems.” 

I tried one more time. 

I typed, “Teenager and their po….”
Google guessed I was looking for “Teenager and their pot smoking.” 

Even when I fully typed in “Teenager and their potential,” and hit enter, the very first result that popped up was an article about Teen pregnancies. 

What is that?

This is how our society too often defines a teenager. 

Now, what about you 20 somethings? I’ll be joining the 20s this week, so I thought I should find out how society defines the next 10 years of my life. 

I found an article online called, “20 Things To Do In Your 20s.” 
Here is some of the advice they shared:

1. Fall head over heels for someone who treats you like dirt. 
2. Have one night you’ll never forget and that you can’t remember. 
3. Make a life changing mistake. It’s your 20s. 

Wow.  This is what I have to look forward to? 

I continued my search.  
I found a brief statement claiming to define how the next decade of my life should look:
“Your 20s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible.  Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you.”

Does this sound like the life you want? 
Is this all the next decade of my life should be for? 

Are depression, drugs, problems and pot smoking all I should have focused on for the past decade, during my teen years? 

As I stand at this crossroads between my teen years and my 20s…I am forced to question if this is all my young life is for.

You see, the world has too often been telling our generation lies.
These lies often claim we are only consumers who are irresponsible and immature and incapable of contributing anything lasting to the world.  

The world often tells us “be selfish,” “be wild,” and “you are fully expected to make foolish decisions along the way.”

As a result, thousands of adults today carry shame from the mistakes they made in their teens and 20s, simply hoping the next generation will end up better then they were.

But is anything changing? 
Or is it in fact getting worse? 

You may desire to be a courageous world changer, but the lies of this world will tell you to wait until you are older to start.  
This is your time to “be selfish.”

I refuse to believe this is all our generation is about.  

What if the energy, tenacity, and big dreams God gave us as young people were meant for more than making a mess of things.  

What if God gave us those qualities while we are young because He believes we can use them to create HUGE ripples, HUGE impact, and HUGE change? 
God could use you to bring healing to your broken family.
He could use you to forever impact the life of a student. 
He could use you to build a school in Haiti that changes the future for hundreds of children.  

He gave us those gifts to be His vessels for change on this earth that will echo throughout eternity-not to waste them on selfish ambitions that won't matter tomorrow. 

But we don't have to do all that. 

Instead, we could...
...devote our energy to gaining popularity
...devote our tenacity to proving our parents wrong
...confine our big dreams to just surviving college and landing a decent job.  

God gave us those gifts for something more than mediocrity.   

Did you know there are over 5 million teenagers and 20 somethings living in the United States today? 

5 million!!!

What would happen if every one of them was captured by a cause, driven to pursue something more, and fighting to change the world?

Did you hear that?!?!

What would happen if 5 million young people with energy, tenacity, and big dreams linked arms together and declared we will no longer limit what God wants to do in us?

That would change the world!!
It would. 

So what will you do to make this dream a reality? 

How will you rebel against the world’s view of our generation?  

What if we, as a generation, were no longer seen as potential problems to be avoided? 

What if our actions were so radical that the world took notice and began to believe our generation is here to leave an impact that will never be forgotten?

Who doesn’t want to be a part of something bigger than themselves? 
I know I want to be. 

So who will link arms with me? 
Who will join me in redefining our generation? 

Who will join me in making ours a Distinct Generation that goes down in history as one that changed the game for all future generations?

Will you? 

One person taking a step makes a ripple, but 5 million young people linking arms together and changing the world creates a movement.