He Chose A Teenager

I know what you’re going to think when you start to read this article.  
You’re going to think it is out of season and a bit late.   
But I would disagree with you.  
Let me tell you why. 

This article is about Mary.  
There are many different things that may come to your mind when you hear her name.  
You may think of the girl who was the virgin, or that girl who gave birth to the son of God, or the picture of a pale-faced woman wearing a blue shawl over her head. 

When I was growing up, I generally only equated Mary with the Christmas story.  

But there is way more to Mary than just Christmas.  
She was a quiet rebel, a gentle visionary, and a distinct individual in her generation. 

You see, the coming of God’s Son really took the world by surprise.  

However,  there was one girl who had nine months to prepare her heart for an event that would change history forever.  

And no, it wasn’t the middle aged woman who had a degree, a secure pay check, a fully developed brain or experience in raising children.

It was a teenage girl.  

God looked over the whole earth….
and He chose the teenage girl.
She wasn’t a last resort.  

She was His first choice. 

He trusted her with His son, the Savior of the World. 

Listen. We can continue to make excuses for ourselves because we are young, but we cannot explain away the fact that God looked around the earth and could have picked anyone to raise His Son, and you know who He picked?

That's right.
He picked the teenager.  

And He believed in her potential. 

She was willing, trusting, and interruptible and God used her to truly change the world. 

She didn’t use her age as an excuse.  
Why would she?

If God saw the potential in her, why shouldn’t she?

So, if God called a teenage girl to endure shame, ridicule and persecution in order to give birth to and raise His son, who would go on to redeem the entire World……..

…what is He calling you to? 

What crazy, exciting, scary and amazing calling has God asked you to trust Him for? 

Mary is proof that God can use someone who is young to change the world.

Now, the moral of the story is not, “Be Like Mary.” It never is. 
It is always about the Ultimate Hero.  

He is the one who knew Mary's potential.  He is the one who chose Mary.  

And He is the one who gave her exactly what she needed to fulfill her purpose.  

And He will do the same for you.   
God is ready to use you to make a difference. 

So where is the next generation of world changers?

...And how will YOU change the world?