Adventure Is Out There

Adventure is out there. 
It is. 

And adventure is right here. 

Because adventure is not necessarily what you think it is.

When you hear that word you may think of skydiving, rock climbing, deep sea diving or backpacking.  

Those are exciting experiences to be sure, and many of them are things I hope to do at some point in my life. But I believe those so called “adventures” pale in comparison to what the Author of Adventure wants to lead us into. 

There is only one journey, one experience, one risky undertaking that will actually give you the fulfillment you are looking for. 

The greatest adventure, the adventure we were born for, is the adventure of following Christ.  

This adventure will include the most wonderful highs and the most painful lows. 
It will include miraculous victories and devastating defeats.
It will include experiences beyond your wildest dreams and experiences that feel like an awful nightmare. 
And it will include opportunity after opportunity for you to sacrifice everything you are for something much bigger than yourself. 

THIS is how I define an adventure.  

Adventure is risking everything to follow Christ in a way that brings glory to HIS NAME.

I want my life to be full of that kind of adventure.  
Do you?

I'm fairly certain you don't wake up in the morning and say, 
"I hope I have a boring day, a mundane week, a typical year and a mediocre life." 

We desire to live a life of adventure because we were created by the very Author of Adventure.  We desire to live a TRUE adventure. 

God is the master storyteller.  
And He has crafted an incredible story for every one of our lives. 

But would the greatest storyteller of all time write a story for your life that only read....
"He loved netflix."
"She just showed up at church every Sunday."
"He followed all the 'rules' of being a good kid on the outside and never did drugs."
"She always wanted to do something great...but she never quite got around to it." 

He wrote an epic story for your life.  
It's a story that is not small and is not safe. 
Because our God is not small and our God is not safe. 

Our world often morphs the label of 'being a Christian' into something it was never meant  to be.  

"Being a Christian" is often thought of as that "prayer" we pray.
But God actually wants to give us a gift of Grace that will lead us to surrender our everything to Him. 
Thousands of people think of it as list of 'rules.'
But God actually wants to invite us into the adventure of following where He leads us.   
People all over the world consider it a label we wear.
But God actually wants to become our one desire and our only reward.

Let me be clear about something:
Life with Christ was NEVER  meant to be boring, or mundane, or ordinary.  
Hard? Yes. 
Challenging? Absolutely. 
But never boring. 

Your life may feel boring at some points.  
But if we look at our lives through God's eyes I believe He will give us the grace to see every moment as an adventure because that moment leads us further and further into the epic tale written for our lives.  

If you don't see how this is possible, then let me gently remind you of the God we serve. 

This God created the earth.
This God is powerful enough to move mountains. 
This God chose a teenager to be the mother of His son. 
This God decided to trust 12 young, ordinary dudes to start His movement here on earth.
This God raised people from the dead.
This God gave up His own Son to save my life.  
This God invites you and me to join Him in His mission to save the entire world. 

Sounds like a pretty exciting God to me.  

So why is this so often not the God we hear about? 

Perhaps we have forgotten that Jesus Christ did not die so we could just claim the label of being a Christian.  

He just didn't.  

Jesus Christ died and rose again so all our sin would be wiped clean and we could accept His free gift of salvation to spend eternity with Him.  
And while we are on this earth we have the freedom to spread the word about what Christ has done for us in a way that will change our world and bring glory to His name. 

THIS is the adventure of following Christ.

Adventure is risking everything to follow Christ in a way that brings glory to HIS NAME.  

It's ALL about Him.  It is never about us.  

A life following Christ is NOT ordinary!!! 
It is the riskiest, most dangerous,  and most fulfilling adventure of our lives and you don't want you to miss out on it!! 

We are all searching for an adventure, and we were designed to find that adventure in following Christ. 

Unfortunately, more and more of our generation is looking in the wrong places for the adventures they seek. 
So, instead, they turn to drugs.
Or alcohol.
Or pornography. 
Or anything that is new, flashy, trendy, or cool in our culture. 

But listen to this: 
The adventure you seek will NEVER be found in the things this world will offer you!
The adventure you long for will ONLY ever be found in Christ.  

So throw off the ropes that tie you down.  
Don't settle for the shallow adventures this world will offer you. 

Instead- RUN after the adventure promised in a life of complete surrender to our Creator. 

He never designed you to live a mediocre life.

He designed you to LIVE!

So....go do it.