A Call To A Generation

I am a World Changer.

Through your journey of reading this blog, my prayer is that you would encounter Christ in a way that would lead you to call yourself a World Changer as well. 

You have the potential to be a World Changer.

I don’t care how old you are or how young you are.
I don’t care how accomplished you are or how slow you feel.
I don’t know how popular you feel or how shy you appear.
I don’t know how many people call you a leader or how fearful you are deep down.

But here is what I do know:

We were created for more.  
I was created for more.
And you were created for more.

I refuse to believe that any one person was placed on this earth without a purpose.  

Dare to believe that deep inside
of you lies a purpose, and
a dream, and a passion to
Change The World.  

You really can change the world through the power of Jesus Christ and because of His unimaginable mercy and grace.  

We are redeemed, but not to sit around and waste our lives.
We are redeemed to glorify Christ and make this world look different because we lived.  

So, what are you going to do? 
How is this world going to look more like the Kingdom of God one hundred years from now?

This blog is a call to our Generation, from our Generation, and for our Generation.  
A call to dream and a call to action.

What if you and I drive a stake in the ground and proclaim we will no longer sit on the sidelines and wait until we are older to change the world?

What if you and I asked God to reveal the passion He has equipped us for and what dream He has built into our hearts?

What if you and I put down our insecurities, fears, or the belief that we are too young? What if we instead start now, while we are young, to pursue Christ and change the world.

Doesn’t that sound like an incredible adventure?

Because that is what God calls us to.
He doesn’t call us to a boring, stationary or mundane life.

He calls us to an adventure.  

“This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life.  
It’s adventurously expectant.” 
-Romans 8:15 (MSG) 

So, let’s go have an adventure as we make a difference in Christ’s name and for His glory and renown alone. 

That is what this blog is all about.
We aren’t playing games on this blog. We will talk about radically pursuing Christ and going out and changing the world.

Not for our glory.  

But for the glory of the One who gave us our passions and dreams.

Are you ready?
Let’s buckle up, link arms, and
change the world in the name of Christ
and for His glory.