Welcome Jon Jorgenson To The Blog!

We are so excited to have Jon Jorgensen, founder of The Anima Series Videos, on the blog today to share with the Generation Distinct community.  

You may know Jon as the guy in the video, "A Message To All Women" that went viral in 2013 and has reached over 4 million people.  

ut Jon has a passion for the next generation and he shares this passion in many different arenas. 

Jon is an actor, writer, speaker, and creator who is addicted to ideas and doing stuff.
Jon has published a book, starred in a Broadway show, created several viral videos, and started a non-profit production company for Christian artists.
Jon’s passion is to help others discover their unique creative genius and inspire them to live the life of their dreams. 

Check out Jon's article, "Process of Being Called," and discover you may be more ready than you think to change the world.  

"A lot of folks believe being called goes something like this….
First God calls me to something.
Then I start doing it.

This may be the case for some people.
My experience has often been the exact opposite though.
I didn’t realize that I was called to work with young people until after I was forced into being a summer camp intern by my mother.
I didn’t realize that I was called to speak until a fellow counselor shoved a microphone in my hand. 

For me, discovering my calling has been a process of…
Start doing something
Then discover in hindsight that it’s actually part of God’s call for your life

This obviously doesn't work with everything. Some things we try are just not for us.
But I think this is a much better equation for most of us than just standing around waiting for some divine lightning bolt to strike us and say, “Go, my child.”
Again, this may be the case for some people, but for most of us, waiting for the lightning bolt actually becomes more of a hinderance than a help.

We use, “I just don’t know what God’s calling me to do” as an excuse to not do anything at all.
What if you simply started doing something, anything, and then listened and discerned whether you were on the right track or not?

You see, the thing about momentum, is that it’s a lot easier to get going with something that is already in motion.
Start now.
Do something."