Three Words At The Core of Jesus' Ministry

There is a question that is, quite likely, one the most asked questions in the world.

It is the question Kindergarten children are asked on their first day of school and high school grads are asked on their last day. It’s a question college students think about constantly and professionals are confronted with daily. The answer to this question so often defines us and it is the question people expect us to want to know about them. 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 
“What is your job?” 
“What do you do from 9-5?”
“Do you make a lot of money?”
“Do you work at a Church or for a company that feeds the poor? Because if you do, then you really must love Jesus, right?”

Your job will not and does not define you. 
And you do not need to work at a company with Jesus’ name in the Mission Statement in order to do ministry. 
And I’m not just referring to doing ministry IN your secular work place.

I’m talking about doing ministry on the way…doing ministry the way Jesus did. 

When I type in “Jesus On The Way” into Google, there are 212,000,000 results that come up. 


Because Jesus did not live His life appointment to appointment. 
He did not go around telling people, “I am a carpenter.”
Jesus did not allow His day job to define His ministry. 
He did His ministry ON THE WAY. 

And I find it so interesting, Jesus chose 12 career men to be His disciples. 
He chose people who already had jobs and other things to do. 
He could choose them because He was introducing them to a whole new way of ministry. 

This type of ministry had never been displayed in the religious circles before. 
All of a sudden, normal men, who were not religious leaders, could also DO ministry. 

Because they did it ON THE WAY. 

Ministry was never meant to ONLY be an occupation. 
Ministry, like Jesus did ministry, was ALWAYS meant to be a lifestyle. 
It was meant to happen on the way.  

Consider this: 
When you look over the past week, did you only have time for the ministry scheduled in?
Or were there moments of interruption? 
Were there moments you never expected? 
Did you answer to the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit? 

Did you give your newly bought groceries to the woman and her child on the street corner? Did you take a moment to ask that barista you see every day how she is doing? 
Did you look into the eyes of your son and speak truth when He mentioned how defeated he felt at school? 
Did you walk across the street when you saw your neighbor washing their car? 
Did you hug your friend a little longer when they said their parents were officially divorced? 
Did you take your mom out for coffee when her day at work was difficult?
Did you reach across a racial divide, or invite a lonely friend on a walk, or have a conversation with that single mom who is craving a community?

Do it this week. 

Consider the interruptions of life as a green light from God.
Stay alert for those simple yet special moments. 
Ask questions and start conversations. 

Go and do ministry ON THE WAY.