The Question Every World Changer Must Ask

Why do YOU want to change the world?

As a young difference maker, this could be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself. 

Why do YOU want to change the world?

Let’s be honest for the next few minutes. 

After the attention fades, our excitement wanes.  People stop caring, and we realize the news reporters may never come knocking on our door.  Do we really want to keep going? 

Or do we somehow believe changing the world will make US great?
Do we put our identity in our how much we DO for Christ? 
Do we think making a difference makes US a better person? 

If your answer is yes, you can join my club. 
It’s a club called the, “I’m totally prideful and I miss the point all the time,” club. 

It’s true. 

How often do we look at people who are feeding the hungry and believe it looks so glamorous?
How often do we think about writing a book and dream about what our name will look like on the New York Times Bestseller list?
How often do we dream about helping the lost because we think it will make us “better Christians.” 

The point of changing the world can NEVER be about us. 
The point of making a difference must ALWAYS be about Jesus. 

The moment it becomes an attempt at fame, or a reason to be noticed, or a tool to boost our self esteem, is the moment we need to realize we have missed the point.  

Life on this earth is not about making ourselves look great, it is only about making our God look as great as He is. 

When we pursue justice, when we love people, when we serve others, when we make a difference just to make ourselves look good, we miss the point and we miss out on the fulfillment God offers. 

However, when we do then for the glory of Christ and to make HIS name great in this world, we find a fulfillment which a life in the spotlight could never offer.

The whole duty of a Christian can be summed up in this: feel, think, and act in a way that will make God look as great as He really is.
— John Piper

What if our generation decided we no longer care about our reputation, how we look in the eyes of the world, or whether or not our lives look “perfect?” 
What if we surrendered our need for recognition, approval or even fame?

What would happen in this generation if we radically died to ourselves each day and worked to make God’s name great while we are here on this earth?

A life of making ourselves look great is a failure to truly live.
A life of surrender to make God’s name great is a chance to live the most fulfilling life you can dream of… the life you were created to live. 

Every world changer must ask, "What has God called you to do to make HIM look as great as He is?"

Then take action.