The Next Step Every World Changer Must Take

All throughout the story of God, He has chosen to involve people of all ages, ethnicities, and abilities to further His Kingdom on the earth. 

He is inviting us into that story as well. 

But He doesn’t ask us to do it alone. 
For nearly every great leader in the Bible, it seems there is someone in that leader’s corner, investing in them, encouraging them and spurring them on in their pursuit of Christ. 

Moses had Jethro.
Joshua had Moses.
Elisha had Elijah.
Samuel had Eli. 
Mary had Elizabeth. 
Paul had Peter. 
Timothy had Paul.

There are so many days I feel completely unqualified to change the world. 
And really, let’s be honest, I’m not qualified. 
Chances are, you feel that way as well. 
Maybe we are young, we have never had a job, we are new to following Jesus, we are ashamed of a past we think marks us as unworthy, or we just don't have the experience we need.

Yet, God promises to always give us exactly what we need to in order to fulfill His purposes on this earth. 

Here is what Peter writes: 

Everything that goes into a life of pleasing God has been miraculously given to us by getting to know, personally and intimately, the One who invited us to God. The best invitation we ever received! We were also given absolutely terrific promises to pass on to you—your tickets to participation in the life of God after you turned your back on a world corrupted by lust.
— 2 Peter 1:3-4 MSG

Everything we need to live a life pleasing to God is given to us BY getting to know God.

But, that’s not it. 
Next, Peter invites people to JOIN him.

He says, “We were also given absolutely terrific promises to PASS ON to you - your tickets to participation in the life of God…” 
He was inviting normal, everyday people to join him in the participation of a life with God.  

That is what mentorship is. 
It’s an invitation to join someone in their pursuit of Christ. 

Mentorship is how followers of Jesus have been passing-on this “ticket to participation in the life of God” for thousands of years!
And that is why I believe mentorship is so important. 

Peter had experienced this kind of life-on-life mentorship from the ultimate mentor, Jesus Christ himself. 
When Jesus invited Peter to leave his boat, he could have said, “Come obey me.” Or, “Come read my laws.” Or, “Come with me and I’ll hire you,” 

But He didn’t. 
He just said, “Come follow me.” 
It was invitation to join Jesus’ life. 
It was an invitation to be a part of Jesus’ story. 
It was an invitation to be led in a way that would eventually propel Peter into his own story of adventure and world change. 

Jesus was giving them a “ticket to participate in the life of God.” 

Being mentored or being a mentor is not rocket science, it is not a formula and it does not to have to to look “perfect.”

Mentorship is just one normal, messed up person with a love and passion for Jesus passing on what they know to be true about God to another person.  

It is one person giving the “ticket to participate in the life of God,” to another person. 

It’s not easy. 
But it IS simple. 

Mentorship is worth it, because mentorship is how the story of God is passed down from generation to generation and mentorship is how the body of believers has been built for centuries.

Now, there are two steps you can take after reading this article. 
You could choose to not do anything. 
Or you could choose to take action. 

I suggest you take action. 

Here are two ways you can take action today.
1) Find a mentor. 
2) Become a mentor. 

Find a mentor: If you desire to grow in your relationship with Christ, but you don’t have someone speaking into your life, holding you accountable, and showing you an example of the road you want to walk down, then find a mentor. 

Become a mentor: Most people are prepared to be a mentor long before they would expect.  You don’t have to be perfect in order to be used by God, you just have to be available. Maybe you are in high school…pursue that middle schooler at your Church who really looks up to you.  Maybe you are a busy, young professional…take some time to invest in that college student who just moved away from their family.  

I meet with an amazing young mom, author, speaker and Jesus follower for a couple hours each month. Sometimes, our conversation takes place over a good cup of coffee and sometimes it happens while we are walking through the grocery store.  I have been SO impacted by this woman and God has used her to shape me and mold me more into the woman God has designed me to be. 

I also have the incredible privilege of mentoring four middle school and high school girls. I may be the "mentor" in those relationships, but each week, I walk away with a deeper love for Jesus and a greater delight in being a part of His work on this earth. 

We were created to impact people and to know Jesus more.  

So let’s continue a legacy started thousands of years ago of mentorship, leadership, and pouring ourselves into others.  

This is how we start a movement. 
This is how we change the world.