The Most Amazing Sight

I believe there is nothing quite as beautiful or awe-inspiring as the sight of our generation turning towards Jesus.  

Last weekend I had the immense honor of speaking at the BLAST Student conference in Wisconsin as well as leading a small group of 10 middle school girls. In addition to that experience, I also visited Willow Creek Community Church’s high school camp (also called Blast,) this past weekend.  

At both places, I saw the most amazing sight. 

I witnessed life change.
Hearts were softened. 
Lives were transformed. 
Eternities were changed forever. 

High school girls understood their purpose for the first time.
Middle school boys broke out of their shells in a community where they felt safe and loved.
High school boys worshiped without restraint. 
Middle school girls accepted Jesus Christ for the very first time.  

Life change will never grow old, or boring, or irrelevant. 
ife change will never cease to amaze me, because life change is why we are here. 

As I sat in the “Megacenter” of a local resort on Saturday night watching 2,000 students worship with abandon and understand more of who Jesus Christ is, tears welled up in my eyes and I pleaded with God for this Generation. 

Because in that room, God did not see 2,000 troublesome, worthless, or insignificant problems. 

He looked down and saw 2,000 teenagers ready to be unleashed. 
God saw an army of young people who are rising up. 

My heart beat faster as I asked God for revival in this generation. 
God IS working. 
I heard the rumblings of a movement. 
Can you hear it?

It was heard as 2,000 voices shouted the praises of our God, and it was heard as the 10 middle school girls in my small group wept with each other and committed their lives to Christ. It was heard in the joyous laughter of teenage girls, and in the prayers echoing in that auditorium.  

God is raising up the leaders of tomorrow, and I have met them. 
They may wear snapbacks.
They may love loud music.
And maybe they even have an Instagram. 

But I have met these young leaders and their hearts are being captured by Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross. 

And I am beginning to believe the preteens and teenagers I have met are not just the leaders of tomorrow...they are the leaders of today. 

Lord Jesus, let us be used to make YOUR name great in this world.