His Movement In Our Generation

Movement: A group of people working together to advance their shared ideas.
— Dictionary.com

There is something stirring in our generation. 

We are ready.
It is as though we are waiting in expectation and anticipation for….something. 
We are holding our breath, unsure of what is to come. 

Our generation is in the perfect spot. 
Before the beginning of history, I believe God placed me and He placed you in this generation so that we could be a part of something big. 
Something great.
Something that would alter history, forever.

Our generation seems to be a contradiction
Considered by some to be the “ME” Generation while viewed by others as the most justice-conscious and generous generation ever, even our parents, bosses and teachers can’t seem to figure us out. 

Our Generation is hungry to find a movement we can rally around. 

How do I know? 

Because I see it. 
I see it in the young people who march in protest for their political views. 
I see it in the variety of loud bumper stickers pasted on the window of countless cars at the local college.
I see it in the Facebook posts of the young people, turned activists. 
I see it in the faces of high school students who think partying with the “in” group will satisfy their desire to be a part of something important. 

Our generation is looking for it, grasping for it.
We want a cause we can pour our life into.
We want a purpose larger than ourselves.
We want to rally alongside other young people in order to actually change our world in a way that will be remembered. 

These desires are not wrong. 
In fact, I believe God placed these desires in our generation because He planned it that way.
He knew this generation would be motivated to work for justice, hungry for a rallying cry,  and yearning for a community to rally with. 

The time is now. 
We are the generation to make a change. 

But we are not rallying around a political cause, or a religion, or a company, or an idea. 
We are rallying around the movement that was started over 2,000 years ago by the most influential man in all of history and His team of 12 world-changing young people. 

When Jesus came down to this world 2,000 years ago,  He wasn’t here to start a new religion, but to save us andlaunch a movement of redemption and renewal. 

Jesus wasn’t a stuck up, boring, stick in the mud. 
He was a rebel with a cause worth fighting for. 
The ONLY cause worth giving everything for. 

If you want to discover the only cause that will satisfy the desires of our generation, then follow Jesus. 

Named as the most influential person in all of history by Time Magazine, Jesus Christ was far from just a nice guy who preached about love. 
His life and sacrifice launched the greatest movement of all time. 

And remember who He chose to be the very first twelve who would help him start this movement? 
Yup, it was the rag tag group of teenagers and 20 somethings. 
It was the next generation of the day. 
It was the young people.

I believe Jesus is STILL in the business of using young people to further His movement in this world. 
Our world too often convinces young people to settle for apathy rather than activism, mediocrity rather than meaning, chains rather than change. 
We settle into the “easy” path, listening to the lies that tell us we are just too young to do anything great or meaningful. 

But those ARE lies and it is time to change the world’s expectations of young people. 
Jesus calls to the young people of today and invites US to rekindle the fire of His movement in OUR generation. 

This movement is about giving every last breath of our lives to sharing the truth: Jesus Christ saved us and unleashed us to bring justice, hope, love and renewal to the world. 

No other cause will satisfy. 
Jesus is the only cause worth fighting for. 

Generation Distinct is not just about starting a movement, but about continuing a movement that has been around for 2,000 years. 

The baton has been passed to us, and it is up to us to see how far it will be carried. 

WE can redefine our generation through the power of Christ and for the glory of His name. 

There is a movement coming alive in this generation. 
Join Generation Distinct and join a community of young people ready to change the world.

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