Stay or Go

Abraham was told to go.  
Moses was told to go back.
Joseph had to wait.
Nehemiah needed to rush home.   
Esther had to leave her family.
Ruth was told to follow hers.
John the Baptist was put in jail.
Peter was sent out to the nations
Lydia ministered in her home town
Paul took a world tour

So should you stay?
Or should you go? 

Have you ever asked this question?

Does God want you to go to Africa? Should you move across the country? Does He want you to find a new church? Is He calling you to a new job? Are you being led to a new school? Does He want you to move to the other side of town? Should you get your own place?

Or… does God want you to stay?

The truth is… I don't know.

If you are reading this article because you hope I am going to give you the magic answer, then you can stop reading now.  
Because I simply don’t know where God wants you to be.  

In fact, I was in your shoes just a few months ago.  
I was the girl searching through blog articles, books and sermons looking for that magic answer.
I was the young, college grad who wanted to know WHERE God wanted me to be.  
I was the adventure seeker ready for God to reveal my next step.

But I was confused. 
I thought my location determined my ability to live the life I dreamed about. 
I assumed that the place I landed changed my effectiveness in God’s Kingdom. 
I believed my address affected my level of ministry impact. 

But I was wrong. 
I am stubborn.  But I was wrong. 

I am a Dreamer.  
There’s just no getting around it.  

As a Dreamer, I dreamt of the life I wanted to live.

It’s a life of adventure; A life of risk.  It’s a life of complete surrender to my Creator. 
It’s a life totally devoted to impacting people and changing the world. 
It’s a life of climbing mountains and feeding the hungry. 
It’s a life of cuddling orphans and flying to new places.
It’s a life of swimming in the ocean and seeing new sights. 
It’s a life of mentoring students and writing a book.
It’s a life of dreaming with friends and showing up for them when it counts. 
It’s a life of laughter and a life of sacrifice. 
It’s a life of camping under the stars and taking the scenic route around town. 
It’s a life of spreading the message God has laid on my heart with everyone I come in contact with. 
 It’s a life of mistakes, and excitement, and crazy adventure.  

This is the life I dream about. 
And these dreams are awesome. 
These dreams are the very adventures God gives us the freedom to pursue.  

My mistake came when I assumed I could only achieve these dreams if I moved away.  

Perhaps we put too much of an emphasis on our physical address and not enough emphasis on the desires behind the dreams we dream.  

I dreamt of a life of ministry, investment, and being used by God to impact my generation.
So friends and family supported me as I quit my primary job to launch a ministry.  
And you’re reading it. THIS is the first step towards the calling God has placed on my life. 

I dreamt of a life of exploration and physical adventure.  
So I saved some money and jumped on some planes, swam in the ocean, and climbed a few mountains.  

I dreamt of impacting the lives of young people. 
So I started mentoring 3 incredible, young World Changers. 

I dreamt of growing into the woman God designed for me to be, so I pursued a mentor who will partner with me in my pursuit of Him.

I dreamt of traveling to new places and experiencing life there, so I am headed to live in the Dominican Republic for a month to see how God is moving there.  

I dreamt of stretching myself and putting myself in uncomfortable situations, so I decided to travel internationally by myself rather than with a group.  

I dreamt of a community who would stand by me through the good and the bad, so I joined a group of 20-something girls who challenge me, encourage me and do everyday life with me. 

I dreamt of having friends with who I could dream and change the world, and I pursued these relationships and asked them to join me in this adventure. 

These are good dreams. 

The life you dream of does not necessarily depend on your address.

In no way do I have this all figured out and I am certainly not done chasing down my dreams.  

But sometimes, the life we dream of is right there within our grasp…we just don’t grab it.  

Everyday, when we wake up, we have the option to coast through life and settle for the  convenient and conventional life.
Or we can wake up, make choices, take chances, and pursue adventures that reflect the life we always dreamed of living.  

Your life is too precious for you to go to bed every night with regret over missed opportunities. 

God has too grand of a plan for you to squander your time wondering when your “golden opportunity” will magically fall from the sky. 

Here’s a hint: It’s not going to fall from the sky.   
So chase after the life God designed you to live! 

“We posses the right, the power, and the resources to dream, and we take it for granted.  We numb out and miss that we hold more resources than nearly any generation before us.  With our freedom, with our comfort, with our security, we get to dream.  We get to build. We get to hope.  We get to change.  We get to influence.  We get to respond.  It’s a glorious luxury and our greatest responsibility.” -Jennie Allen

You may be in middle school, and you have no idea how to pursue the life you dream of.  
You may be a college grad who is just trying to get by.  
You may be a parent who feels they have no time. 
You may be a high schooler who is just trying to fit in. 

Don’t let that be your story. 

God wants to give you the freedom to dream dreams that will further His Kingdom here on earth.

But it doesn’t mean you have to move to Africa.
It doesn’t mean you have to live by the beach or the mountains. 
It doesn't mean you have to live closer to your friends and further from your family. 

You may be called to any one of those things, and that is awesome!

But you also have opportunities in your grasp TODAY that will move you closer to the life you’ve dreamed of. 

I am not saying you shouldn’t move. 
I am not saying I will never move away.  
I will always be an explorer, an adventurer, and a traveler. 

But I will no longer see my purpose, my identity, or my calling as dependent on my address.
I will pursue the life I dream about every day. 

Every day you have the chance to live your dreams.

So pursue your dreams today whether you stay or go.