The Most Important Thing

I know I talk about changing the world. A lot. 
I know I talk a lot about DOING stuff.

But, for a moment, I want us to strip away the distractions of life.
I want us to set aside our passionate pursuit of world change and justice.
I want us to step away from all of the stuff we DO to make an impact.

There is something far more important than even those important pursuits.
There is one pursuit that deserves to have first place in our life. 

This is our pursuit of Christ.

If we want to be a generation of world changers, we must be in passionate pursuit of Christ. 

We must know Him.
We must crave to be in the very presence of our Creator. 

Theologian A.W. Tozer says, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

What we DO is NOT the most important thing about us. 
Knowing GOD is the most important thing about us.  

Friends-we can’t miss this! 

We don’t drift into knowing God. 
We can’t fast track our way to in our pursuit of Him. 
It takes time. It takes consistency. It takes intentionality. 

But how do we do it?
How do we truly pursue Christ?

It starts with our time.  
Our time is one of the most precious gifts given to us by God. 

We are given an average of 16 hours every day to live our lives.
But when we look back over our day and we think about what we did, do we ever stop to wonder why we spent more time on Instagram than we did talking to our Creator?

Do we ever question why we used more of our time watching videos on Youtube than we did listening to the voice of our Redeemer? 

Have we ever wondered why we spent more time looking through the sales rack at Target than we did flipping through the pages of the Divine Word of our Savior? 

I was watching a video recently of one of my favorite authors and speakers, Jennie Allen. 
This video took my breath away and made me question so much of the way I spend my time. 
I was convicted. 

She said, “It’s not wrong that I love these blessings God has given me. It’s wrong that I hold on to them so tightly, and if God takes away one of them I panic and I freak out. 
It’s wrong that I love all of that more than I love God.
It’s wrong that I hope more to go to the beach this summer than to go to Heaven.
It’s wrong that I would rather choose to go to Target than spend time with Jesus. 
That is what’s messed up.”

Is that true of you?
Because, as ashamed as I am to admit it, it’s true of me. 

Why is it normal for us to sit down to watch a 90 minute movie, but we would never dream of having enough time to sit in prayer for that long?

Why would we rather read the Twitter posts of people we don’t know than read our Bibles?

Why are we ok to talk with our friends for hours, but have trouble setting aside even ten minutes for Christ?

Why do we give so little of our time to the One who gave His life so we could live? 

It’s wrong, but it is so often how we live every day of our lives. 
Until now. 

Let this be our wake up call.
Let this be the moment when we take a stand.
Let this be the time we drive our stake in the ground and say, "This is not right."

I don’t care how “busy” I think I am. 
There is a God who created me, loved me, died for me, and saved me. This God invites me to know Him.  And I will pursue Him with my entire life. 

Will you?
What if we took a step? 
What if we started something today that ushered us into the presence of God?

Here are the 3 Action Steps I want to challenge us all with today: 

1. 30 Day Scripture Challenge

Do you read your Bible? If not, start there. I want to encourage you to take a 30 day Scripture Challenge.  Read the word of God everyday for 30 days. Don’t read it to check it off a list. Read it because, through reading His word, we have the opportunity to know God in a whole new way.    

     2. 15 Minute Solitude Challenge
Take 15 minutes every day to just be quiet and listen.  This doesn’t have to be a somber time where you are sitting in a dark room with a blanket over your head. This can be while you’re driving in the car, while you’re doing your daily workout, while you’re cleaning the house, or while you’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop.  But just be quiet.  Talk to God, and listen for what He is going to say.  For the writers out there, you can even do this in a journal. 

     3. Prayer Walk Challenge
There is a world out there that needs to be changed. And I want to change it. But, I too often forget that any great thing that happens in this world happens only because of the work of God. We sometimes become so busy ‘doing’, that we fail to ask God to do what we can never do our  own power. This week, what if we took 20 minutes to walk around our neighborhoods, or a favorite nature path, or even around our homes.  
What if we chose one topic and just talked to God about it?
What if our generation began to truly call on the name of the Lord?

My challenge for our generation is this: 
Start one of these action steps today. 
Do something today to pursue God. 

Can you imagine how our generation would change if we were radically pursuing Christ? 

Can you imagine how the world could be changed simply because we made a commitment to truly knowing God?

The most important thing about you is NOT what you DO.
The most important thing about you is knowing Christ. 

THIS has the power to truly redefine our generation.