Take A Step

Travel is strange. 
Travel has always amazed me. 

I can start in one city in the morning and end up thousands of miles away in an entirely new city in a matter of hours.

As an achievement-a-holic, travel forces me to stop and surrender the control to someone else.  
But I have to take that first step.
No one else can make the decision for me. 
I take the first step, the pilot takes me the rest of the way. 

Once I say yes to jumping on the plane, there is nothing I can do to direct the plane. 
After I board, there is nothing I can do to get to my destination faster or safer.
I just have to wait for the pilot to bring me to my destination.
My travel, my location and my life are instantly placed in the hands of the pilot. 

This reminds me of the way God asks us to follow Him where He leads.

So often, God invites us to take a first step. 
God reveals the passions He has placed in our hearts and then He releases us to just do SOMETHING. 
He unleashes us to dream, and explore, and wonder. 
So we take a leap, we make a choice, and we do something. 
But then…the rest is in the hands of our Creator. 

I write this from the JFK airport in New York on my way to the Dominican Republic. 

I had a dream to travel and spend a month serving the people and experiencing the culture in a foreign country.

So some friends generously sponsored me and I booked a ticket.

And now… I’m half way there.

I took the first step. 

But, to be totally honest, I have no idea what is in store. 
I don’t know what to expect, how God will use me, or in what ways He will show up. 

But I do know there are no other hands I would rather place my life in than the hands of the One who created me and died for me. 

So, I’m surrendering this trip to my Savior and asking Him to use it for His glory.
I took the first step. 
And I am trusting God to do the rest and to bring me to my final destination of greater intimacy with Him. 

What first steps are you taking today?
What will you surrender to your Creator?

Let us be a Generation of young people who follow Christ without hindrance and live in the freedom He offers. 

TravelAlex Heidner