Generation Distinct
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Are you ready to join the team?
Are you ready to devote your time to something bigger than yourself?
Are you ready to be a part of spreading this movement?

We invite you to join our team as a
Generation Distinct Champion. 

What is a Generation Distinct Champion? 
Our Generation Distinct Champions are on the front lines of this movement.
They are committed to living out the vision of Generation Distinct, spreading the word of this movement, fighting for justice, pursuing Jesus Christ with energy, and helping their friends and communities to get involved. 

The role of a Champion is not for everyone. 
This role is for the person who is not perfect, but who is ready to live a different life.
It is for the person who believes in spreading the message of the Generation Distinct movement.
It is for the person who fights to spread the movement in their communities, across the nation and out into the world. 
It is for the person who believes it is time for the next generation to rise up and show the world God can use the young to change the world, fight for justice, and impact others for the glory of Christ. 

If you are that person, we would love to invite YOU to be a Generation Distinct Champion.  

As a Generation Distinct Champion:

-You will be developed as a Leader through monthly Leadership tools created just for you including videos, devotionals, interactive questions and more!

-You will be the first to hear the big announcements for Generation Distinct on the Generation Distinct closed webpage!

-You will have a voice in the future of Generation Distinct through taking surveys on what YOU want for Generation Distinct. 

-You will be the first to be told of volunteer opportunities for GenD events.

-You will have the opportunity to submit blog articles to be published on the Generation Distinct Blog.

-You will receive a coupon code for the GenD Gear Shop.

-You will receive a free GenD Flag to spread the message on social media as you live it out in your day to day lives.


Social Media Advocate
 As a Generation Distinct Champion, you will…

-Share Articles and Videos.
    -Like, Follow and Subscribe to all GenD Pages.
    -Post about what you are doing with Generation Distinct.
    -Use the Hashtag #GenDMovement and post pictures when you are living out this Movement.

Vision Advocate
As a Generation Distinct Champion, you can choose any or all of these opportunities:

 -Wear The Merch.
    -Invite Hannah to speak and share the vision of Generation Distinct  at your youth group, college event, small group, worship night, or other event. 
    -Host a GenD Weekly Challenge Party.
    -Live out the vision and use the #GenDMovement Flag in your social media pictures.

Weekly Challenge Advocate
As a Generation Distinct Champion, you will...

-Complete each weekly challenge and encourage others to join you.
    -Post on social media to tell your friends what you are doing.

Are YOU interested in becoming a Generation Distinct Champion?
Fill out the application below and we will be in contact with you!